Genesis Weight Clinic, LLC
CALL US AT 334-863-LOSS 

The process for starting our program begins by contacting us by phone or email  or dropping in during our business hours. 

Before you call or email,please be aware of the following:
* You will come in once weekly, please check our days/hours of operation on the 'contact us' page to be certain they are convenient for you, as we are only open selected days/hours. 

* Due to Alabama state law, if you plan to take a controlled appetite suppressant, you are required to see one of our physicians and have no contraindications to taking them prior to being issued the initial prescription. Our physicians comes once weekly on Saturday mornings. You may begin the program, with the exception,of the appetite suppressant at any time, and will be set up to see the physician at the soonest available time. We also offer non-narcotic appetite suppressants that Samantha can prescribe without seeing the physician. 

* Your initial visit will include a short physical, including height, weight, BMI, body measurements and possibly an EKG. 

[email protected]

                          Adult (ages 18+) Services/Fees 


Initial membership fee 
$50 one time fee: Includes start up packet (which includes our 10 key principles to healthy living), physical exam, body measurements, BMI calculation and EKG

Consult with physician
A $20 one-time fee, to be paid on the day you see the physician and includes your first prescription. This is ONLY for those who will take the appetite suppressants Adipex (Phentermine ),  Qsymia. 
Those who take Contrave or Saxenda, Wegovy, Zepbound will see our nurse practitioner, Samantha Baggett. 

Injections: (You will choose one)
"Beginners Shot" - $80/month ($20/injection) with our monthly plan or $25/injection if you pay by the week

 "Super Shot" - $100/month ($25/injection) with our monthly plan or $30/injection if you pay by the week

Jumbo Shot" - $120/month ($30/injection) with our monthly plan or $35/injection if you pay by the week

Appetite Suppressants: 
Adipex (Phentermine) prescription: $10/prescription
Qsymia, Contrave,  or Wegovy,  or Zepbound and Saxenda prescription: $20/prescription

Meal Replacements: 
$12.50 for a box of 7
or $50/week, which includes 2 shakes/day and 2 protein bars/day

Average” Start-up Cost:$130-145 for first month

Average” Monthly Continuing Fee
Between $80-$150 depending on plan choice
At Genesis Weight Clinic, LLC, we strive to provide our customers with high quality services personalized to their individual needs. We utilize a combination of weekly lipotropic vitamin injections, appetite suppressants, and a 10 step educational model to incorporate into your daily life. We do not encourage a 'diet', instead, we fully educate on healthy lifestyle changes that everyone can make to lose weight and keep it off. If you have only a little weight to lose or much more, Genesis is right for you!