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What’s the cost of spray tans? $30

How can I pay? Cash or check only made payable to "Samantha Baggett"

How long do they last? 7-10 Days depending on how you maintain. Using Norvell products lengthens your tan time. Some people choose to get multiple tans in one month. Each tan builds on top of the other giving you rich color for extended time. Similar to going to the tanning bed for a month BUT MUCH HEALTHIER! 

Do I need to purchase any products prior to tan session? Please make sure you read the tan info on our website ( before your appointment. Any Norvell products can be purchased at your session. Exfoliate with a salt scrub from you local retail store and follow all other pre-tan instructions. You may like to purchase our ExMitt when you arrive for only $6 to use right before you are sprayed for extra exfoliation and pH balance. 

What do I wear to my session? Wear loose fitting clothing to session. During tan you will be one on one with Samantha who is a family nurse practitioner that sees more “naked hineys” than she can count. You are more than welcome to wear your bathing suit or just underwear but the less clothing you wear=less tan lines! 98% of clients so far have chosen to just be in their “birthday suit” and I am cool with that! Sessions last about 10 minutes so you are in and out of clinic quickly. 

I have a very fair skin tone? Will I be orange?? Norvell products work with the pH of your skin so each package is very natural brown and bronze tones. No weird orange streaks like the booths! Even fair skin tones can wear a Norvell tan well!